Monday, August 03, 2015

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  Most donations made to the NRA and its affiliates are made in the form of checks or by credit card. These gifts range in amount, but all are appreciated and individually acknowledged. Donors of gifts made to the NRA 501(c)(3) affiliates will receive a receipt indicating the tax-deductibility of their gift for Federal income tax purposes. If the gift is to be used to support a specific purpose such as a program or endowment, annotation on a check or accompanying correspondence must so state. Without this direction, the gift will go to the general contribution account of the NRA or its 501(c)(3) affiliate to used as the appropriate Board of Directors/Trustees may direct.

Feel free to contact the NRA Office of Advancement for more information.

  • Checks
    Checks should be made out to the NRA or its beneficiary affiliate as follows:
    • The National Rifle Association
    • The NRA Foundation
    • The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund
    • The NRA Special Contribution Fund

  • Credit Card
    The NRA Office of Advancement can accept credit card donations from holders of Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover Card only. Any accompanying correspondence (faxes acceptable) must include as minimum:
    • Card Number (16 digits)
    • Card Expiration Date (Mo./Yr.)
    • Card Holder Name (as it appears on card)
    • Card Holder Address
    • Card Holder Daytime Phone Number
    • Card Holder Authorizing Signature
    For more information, please contact the NRA Office of Advancement at (877) NRA-GIVE. For our donors' protection, we do not accept telephoned credit card donations.

  • Online
    Donors wishing to make online donations to The NRA Foundation may also do so at
    Donors wishing to make online donations to The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund may also do so at
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